Bullet with Butterfly Wings


♬ Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings ♬

Don’t be fooled by the sweet looks of this girl. Trust me, she likes to rock ;)
This no doubt super pretty dress I got from AX Paris, you’ve probably noticed their banners on my blog already. If not, check them out, they got some super lovely summer clothes with colourful prints and all that at quite affordable prices. I chose this butterfly printed dress because I thought it was a nice change from all the floral prints I am wearing this spring! If you wanna buy it, just drop by HERE.

Hope you had a really nice weekend! And remember to eat loads of food today because, as I heard, it’s Anti-Diet-Day today, whoooo!! I already had a huge anti-hangover McDonald’s breakfast this noon, together with some freaking amazing episodes of Doctor Who, Season 2!! Keep rollin‘!

[AX Paris butterfly dress, Diane von Furstenberg Mini Harper bag via MONNIER Frères, Topshop heels]



18 Comments on Bullet with Butterfly Wings

    • Ricky
      Sonntag, der 6. Mai 2012 at 15:22 (8 Jahren ago)

      Thanks so much, I’ll check out your blog!!

  1. Kultur und Stil
    Sonntag, der 6. Mai 2012 at 14:32 (8 Jahren ago)

    I love this dress, the butterflies are so cute but the black makes it nevertheless look not only cute but also sophisticated and grown up! and together with the yellow shoes it looks really great!!!

    xxx Anita

    • Ricky
      Sonntag, der 6. Mai 2012 at 15:21 (8 Jahren ago)

      Wow, thanks for your elaborate comment ;) Glad that you like the look!! (Btw., ich kann auch Deutsch ;D)

  2. Jasmine Nicole
    Sonntag, der 6. Mai 2012 at 16:21 (8 Jahren ago)

    I love love love this outfit. Especially the shoes. Question…how do you keep your hair so beautiful??


    • Ricky
      Sonntag, der 6. Mai 2012 at 20:55 (8 Jahren ago)

      Thank you so much!! Actually, I’m not treating my hair very well :/ I’m washing it every morning with a 75 cents cheap shampoo and conditioner and I flat iron my fringe afterwards. Then I have my hair cut 1 cm every 3 months. That’s all, sorry I can’t be of much help here!

  3. Marilon
    Montag, der 7. Mai 2012 at 12:50 (8 Jahren ago)

    Hello Ricarda, it’s me again :) I have just noticed your fabulous leaf bracelet, where does it come from?

    • Ricky
      Montag, der 7. Mai 2012 at 15:21 (8 Jahren ago)

      Hey :) It’s from H&M, but I think it’s supposed to be a feather :D

    Montag, der 7. Mai 2012 at 12:54 (8 Jahren ago)

    Love the print on this & one of my favourite songs too! I have been looking for a small bag like the one your wearing here for soo long, I just wish it wasn’t sold out everywhere, it’d be perfect!

    • Ricky
      Montag, der 7. Mai 2012 at 15:21 (8 Jahren ago)

      Yeah, too bad it’s sold out by now. Perhaps they’ll get new stock in, I’ll ask :)

    Dienstag, der 8. Mai 2012 at 05:50 (8 Jahren ago)

    wow, you look stunning! Love this look from head to toe!

  6. Ricky
    Dienstag, der 8. Mai 2012 at 09:53 (8 Jahren ago)

    Thank you guys for the comments, they mean so much to me!!

  7. Sophia
    Donnerstag, der 10. Mai 2012 at 20:39 (8 Jahren ago)

    Mensch du siehst echt in allem toll aus!!!! Liebe deinen Stil und deine Frisur und überhaupt! <3


  8. Pünktchen
    Dienstag, der 15. Mai 2012 at 12:12 (8 Jahren ago)

    was für ein wunderschönes Kleid:) Das letzte Bild find ich total schön!