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Manhattan Nail Polish


From this day onwards, Manhattan Cosmetics launches a limited edition line of nail polishes designed by two major German fashion and style blogs: STYLEPROOFED and MODEPILOT.
I already had the chance to test all these new colours designed by the bloggers but Manhattan Cosmetics was kind enough to provide a full set of each collection for my readers as well! Isn’t that amazing? Each set includes 10 colours of nail polish – enough for a year of colourful nails at least!

I think the idea of giving bloggers the chance to be asked and included in production design decisions in general is a great way of adding a personal touch to products and give us the chance to integrate our own ideas into the production of things we already love!
It’s great that these two blogs had the chance to design their own nail polish colours, even though you’d think every odd colour in the nail polish world had already been invented before. But I must say, some colours really met my taste, for example the glittery brights by MODEPILOT and the autumny plum, pear and tree shades by STYLEPROOFED.

If you want to win a set of 10 bottles of limited edition Manhattan nail polish, leave a comment stating what your favourite colour of nail polish for this autumn would be and leave your e-mail address as well!!

[H&M DIY studded skater dress, Topshop silver wedges]

Von heute an gibt es die Manhattan Cosmetics Blogger Limited Edition Nagellacke in den Läden und Online zu kaufen! Die Blogs STYLEPROOFED und MODEPILOT hatten die Möglichkeit, eigene Farben zu entwickeln, die es nun für Jedermann zu haben gibt.
Ich hatte schon im Vorfeld die Möglichkeit, die neuen Lacke zu testen, aber auch für euch hat mir Manhattan Cosmetics netterweise beide Kollektionen zum Verlosen zur Verfügung gestellt. Ist das nicht großartig? Ein Jahresvorrat an Nagellacken, mindestens!

Ich finde es eine schöne Idee, Blogger bei der Entwicklung von Produkten mit einzubinden. Das gibt dem Ganzen einen persönlicheren Touch und uns Bloggern die Möglichkeit, uns noch mehr selbst in das mit einzubringen, was uns ohnehin schon so sehr interessiert!
Es ist großartig, dass diese beiden Blogs die Möglichkeit hatten, ihre eigenen Farben zu designen, obwohl man denken sollte, jede Farbe von Nagellack wurde irgendwann schon einmal erfunden. Aber besonders die pastellfarbenen Glitzerlacke von MODEPILOT und die herbstlichen Pflaumen-, Birnen- und Baumfarbtöne von STYLEFROOFED haben es mir angetan!

Wenn ihr eine der beiden Kollektionen, jeweils aus 10 Fläschchen bestehend, gewinnen möchtet, schreibt mir einen Kommentar, in dem ihr erklärt, welches eure Trendfarbe bei Nagellacken für den Herbst ist und vergesst nicht, auch eure E-Mail Adresse zu hinterlassen!



Speedy’s Cafe


Finally a new and (hopefully) happily awaited post from London – my very favourite place in the UK, most likely in Europe as well and who knows, maybe in the whole world. But I haven’t been travelling by far enough to be able to seriously judge that at this point.
About these pictures, I can only say that I seem to have a thing for grey clothing at the moment.
These pictures were taken in front of Speedy’s Cafe, located on 187 North Gower St NW1. It has got the most lovely service and serves a truly tasty coffee as well as a great variation of breakfast and lunch dishes. It was close to our hotel, too which was the main reason we were usually eating there.
About the outfit: I bought this jacket at Brick Lane’s Sunday Up Market the other day. Really lovely fabric, something silky I would say and the grey just fitted my JC Litas (in which I am about 1,92 m tall) SO well. Coincidence, coincidence…

[Zara blouse, jacket from Brick Lane, Levi’s 501 shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Diane von Furstenberg bag]

Endlich ein neuer und (hoffentlich) freudig erwarteter Post aus London – mein absoluter Lieblingsort im Vereinigten Königreich, wahrscheinlich auch in Europa und, wer weiß, vielleicht auch auf der ganzen Welt. Allerdings bin ich, um das beurteilen zu können, einfach noch nicht weit und oft genug gereist.
Zu diesen Bildern kann ich ehrlich sagen, dass ich im Moment wohl etwas für die Farbe Grau übrig habe.
Wir haben die Bilder vor Speedy’s Cafe, 187 North Gower St NW1 geschossen, wo es den leckersten Kaffee sowie eine große Auswahl an Frühstück und Mittagessen für den Besucher gibt. Die Preise sind fair und die Touristen wenig, weshalb sich dieses Café in der Nähe unseres Hotel zu unserem Lieblingsfrühstücksort entwickelt hatte.
Zu dem Outfit kann ich noch sagen, dass ich diese tolle Jacke auf dem Brick Lane Sunday Up Market gefunden habe. Sie ist aus einem ganz weichen, seidenartigen Stoff genäht und passt einfach perfekt zu meinen grauen JC Litas (in denen ich allerdings um die 1,92 groß bin)! Zufälle gibt’s…



Back to the 90s


Or at least that’s the one big thing I seem to recall from that era… 90s I mean: showing off your belly all the time. Anyway, I am so sure this is coming back this summer, so you better get those sit-ups done, ladies! I sure am, haha.
Also, I realised they’re selling those belly-button piercing thingies again, holy moly! Did you get your belly-button pierced back then? Maybe you’re not old enough for having been a teenager in the 90s (and neither have I, I was only in elementary school), but I seem to recall the older girls all presenting those (uhm, not always tasteful) pieces of jewelry on their bodies back in the day.

Not showing you my belly-button today, but at least some of the area as it was warm enough and I kind of like the knotted-blouse-look (but yeah, it’s not very forgiving, especially when combined with leggins!)

Oh and yes, my twisted ankle is a little better, thanks for asking. I think one day I will be able to walk again properly. Until then you can call me John Watson (the Martin Freeman one) because if I’m not having my pictures taken, I’m still walking around with one of those medical walking aids – super hot!

Have a successful week!

[Minusey blouse, ZARA leggins and boots, vintage hat from London, Michael Kors watch, asos bracelet, Valentino bag via MONNIER Frères]



Studded and fringed


First outfit post of 2012, yesss, finally managed to take some pictures as it finally turned a bit sunnier again!

This month I had the chance to choose an item from GLOSSYBOX STYLE and decided for this studded and fringed bag. It came in a totally pretty wrapping as well. Gotta love the colour and the shiny studs all over. It’s also large enough to be a perfect bag for work at school! Each month there is new stuff to chose from on their website. If you’re from Germany, go check them out!

Can’t wait for Berlin Fashion Week right now, still thinking about outfits, though ;D



Waterfall (The Stone Roses)


Alright my honorable readers, this is where I’ll tell you a funny story. Not only had I been stupid enough to have lost my (green) wallet in the forest (also green mostly!) about 7 years ago, I also got it back when a day later, a woman on a bike was passing us by while we were searching, asking if we by incident were looking for a green wallet! But about a month ago, I got my beautiful brown Alexa bag kidnapped with everything (and I mean everything like wallet with money and cards and all) inside!! It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me to this day (and I know I’m lucky this is the case, haha). But funnily enough, my mobile phone was found with a guy who had obviously stolen it only the morning after so we could actually go to the police and all with a little hope for a happy ending. Anyway, I still did pay a lot of money to get all my cards (transportation, students‘ licence, you know all that) but only two weeks after my bag had been stolen, the Deutsche Bahn wrote me a letter that they had found it and that I could retrieve it at Bahnhof Zoo! So when I went there, the bag was there (with a little damage to the front, unfortunately) but with everything still inside, except for the cash! Can you believe how many lucky angels I must have? Haha.

We took these pics last weekend, when we also went to see a lovely Italian band I’ve known from Hannover from about three years ago – Le Man Avec Les Lunettes! Lovely guys, great music, always a pleasure, so you should check them out on Myspace or on their website

Wearing everything H&M this time :D And particularly love the boots, you have no idea how crazy in love I’m with them!!!



Stars and the sun


I actually meant to spend my evening getting some work for uni done, but then I figured that it could wait until later tonight so I am officially allowed to waste my time round here for a little longer.

Could you, my honourable readers, do me a favour and vote for me if you think I’m good enough to take pictures for G-Star RAW at New York Fashion Week in February? That would be soooo kind of you. Just click on the black banner in the right side column of my blog. (for the people that don’t get the point, I don’t, either xD all I know is I want to take pictures there, would be so much fun and I think I’m good enough to do it)

Today was moderately cold (6°C), but it was bearable. The snow has vanished, the sun has reappeared and we were all jumping happily out of our fur coats into the leather biker jackets. (Not for longer than an hour, though, because my hands turned into a weird mix of blue and pink – violet that is, right!)
The Topshop boots are epic, beautiful patent leather, silver heel instert and insane platforms – yay for being 1,90 m tall!

So what’s everybody’s plans for New Year’s Eve? The year will soon be over, 2010 is gonna be big!!


Boots from Topshop, knitted star-dress and biker jacket from Miss Selfridge, purse from H&M, vintage sun necklace.



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