Dear readers, hey, it’s summer! Well, depending on your current whereabouts, it might be a rainy English summer or a blazing hot Mediterranean one. But no matter where you are, Lancaster finally gives us all the chance to dare stepping out into the sun without having to be afraid of all the dangers, anymore. Of course you still shouldn’t overdo it, but using the new Lancaster suncare range really makes me feel a little safer out there in the sun. If you get the chance, do try these products, they are simply amazing!

To celebrate the sun and the summer, II thought I’d put together a little inspiration post on all things sunny (they will be published on a sunny Lancaster Tumblr blog which you can find HERE) and I really hope you feel a little warmer on the inside now, as well!

And on top of that, I give you my own personal MANIFESTO TO THE SUN and you, dear readers are very welcome to post your own manifesto on the Lancaster Tumblr blog. That would be really cool, looking forward to reading yours!

Name: Ricarda

Age: 25

Occupation: Teaching and blogging – one at a time!

What’s the sun for you?
It’s pure bliss! Living in Berlin, I’ve already experienced extremely harsh and brutally cold winters, but as soon as the sun comes out in spring, it all comes back to life! Not being much of a beach girl myself (there’s not much beach around here) I simply enjoy the sun on my face while relaxing in the park as often as possible. However, when it’s really really hot, I love going to the lake!

Your relationship with the sun?
We’re really quite good friends, although my skin is very sensitive and delicate, so the Lancaster Sun products are perfect for me. I love you, sun!

Your most daring sunny moment?
I tend to fall asleep while lying in the sun. After a couple of hours, that can make you feel quite dizzy. A pretty straw hat and a big bottle of water do help, though.

Next sun?
Doesn’t look too good judging by the weather forecast. Rain, rain and clouds all week. Hopefully, the sun will be back soon, though.

Now then, let’s stop the banter and step out into the sun!! Enjoy the pictures and “Dare to Tan”!


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The amazing Lancaster products:

1) Bronzing Beauty Adjustable Tan Glow Moisturizing Emulsion
2) Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer
3) Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream (Just perfect for my skin!!!)

Thank you, Lancaster!!