How can anyone wear green socks?!?! That’s what my sister was telling me when she saw me wearing my forest-inspired footwear in my peeptoe-booties today. Anyway, that was one of the reasons I bought these open-toe shoes – to combine them with some trashy fun colour socks and tights. And today I felt kinda green, whatever that’s supposed to mean, so I went for these funky socks.
And I’m finally ready to proudly present my Topshop sequin boyfriend blazer. It’s become one of my best friends I gotta admit. It makes all of my everyday clothes a bit more glammy – and that’s fun to me!

//EDIT: Aye, I dyed my jeans in some kinda purple colour… but it didn’t turn out as much purple as I wanted it to be, so I’ll give it another light dye on the weekend… bear with me!

From bottom to top: Shoes: bebe – via ebay, socks and jeans: H&M, sequin blazer: Topshop, cardigan: H&M, indian scarf: second hand