Christmas Wishlist For Your Man

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1. Cause and Effect leather bracelet | 2. Bickley + Mitchell gloves | 3. Tom Dixon candle | 4. Tivoli Audio bluetooth radio | 5. East Dane earphones | 6. Fisher Space Pen golden pen | 7. Daye/Turner Beteigeuze watch | 8. Handpresso portable espresso machine | 9. Native Union smartphone case | 10. Taschen book | 11. Diamond whiskey glasses | 12. East Dane Gifts robot

My sweeties, currently, I hear everybody say: “Oh dear, I didn’t even buy one single Christmas present, yet! I don’t have any time!” And yes, it’s actually already so close to Christmas. And that is why I have an especially important post for you all today, because these shopping ideas are all about what to give your favourite men for Christmas – in my opinion.

No matter if it’s for your boyfriend, husband, brother or dad, giving the men in your life something that will truly make them happy, isn’t easy. Basically, I believe it should be all about giving love, attention and time because it’s so easy (or should be) and simply the most beautiful present in the world. Especially in times like ours, I don’t wanna hear the term “Christmas stress” anymore. Don’t be stressed, people, that is not what Christmas is about.

You needn’t give big things – nor expensive ones. It’s the small things that will last and that will become really special, at least in my opinion. But if you really wanna give something of worth, here are my ideas to make your Christmas present shopping for the men in your life a little easier.

1. I believe, that a watch is always a great present. Especially one of great quality will make almost every man happy. The gorgeous models from Daye/Turner are that kind of present. The models all carry names of planets, stars or the like: Beteigeuze, Seirios oder Enceladus. The star signs on the back make these watches really unique. The Beteigeuze for example can be combined with sporty or classic outfits and thus are really nice and versatile.

2. every man loves funny, weird little things like a portable espresso machine or spacy-weird looking whiskey glasses. I think a great destination to shop those little manly gadgets is the DMAX Onlineshop. Yes, DMAX, this television channel for men. I know whe women don’t know or understand much about all that, but if the man is happy, so are we, right?

3. or how about giving something beautiful that we women but also the men love? That is more difficult because we find very different things beautiful than our men, but those items that we both love do exist and hey, they mustn’t even be expensive. How about a nice scented candle for the living room or a fun picture book that you can go through together? The Gift Boutique by Shopbop/East Dane has some great Christmas presents for our men in store that we women will also definitely love! Go check it out!

Alright my dearies, did you find anything for your men already? If so, do let me know! Or perhaps, you have found something else that is really exciting? I’d love to hear about that, too!


In lovely collaboration with Daye/Turner.




3 Comments on Christmas Wishlist For Your Man

  1. Maikie Makakie
    Sunday December 13th, 2015 at 12:56 PM (5 years ago)

    Wow, eine mega coole Wishlist ! Gefällt mir gut :))

  2. Joana
    Tuesday December 15th, 2015 at 08:43 PM (5 years ago)

    Sehr schöne Geschenkidee! Besonders die Uhr und die Whiskeygläser sind in meine engere Auswahl gekommen. Hmmm… die Espressomaschine ist aber auch genial!

  3. Mary
    Tuesday December 15th, 2015 at 08:45 PM (5 years ago)

    Coole Geschenkideen für meinen Bruder. Danke für die echt guten Tipps!