I really hope you had/are having a very sweet and lovely Christmas! For my part, I didn’t ask for any presents this year, but still, this is what I got. I can’t tell you how positively surprised I was, I mean, hey, Edgar Allen Poe? My mom is a genious, she always gives me the best books. And my dad, what can I say, a Samsung ST45 digicam, I really didn’t expect that, so good for concerts, filming stupid videos and for fooling around in general, heh!
I’m gonna wear that uber pretty cameo necklace for New Year’s I believe, it’s so pretty, it needs a great occasion for wearing. And my sister gave me liquid eyeliner and a piece of soap that smells of roses and looks like a pig, haha, can’t get more perfect than that.


Now then, let’s turn to your questions. This is what I got so far, if you feel inspired now, don’t hesitate to ask more, I’m willing to do a Q&A part 2 later.

1) What’s the meaning of your tattoos?

Oh, damn, I promised to do a tattoo-post a long long time ago. Okay, anyway. Here’s a picture first:


My first tattoo ever was the tarot-card inspired moon surrounded by stars on my upper left arm. I was pondering a long time on what to get, and finally chose this. I personally feel a strong connection with the moon (I can’t sleep on full moon nights, ever!) and I enjoy tarot. I also like how the moon generally is connected to the female, so yeah. And the stars, well, Venus is my favourite, but generally I love looking up at the sky and the stars. What would we do without them?
My second tattoo was the ice-cream cone on my inner right arm that you don’t see on the pics right now, but I’m sure you all know it. I love ice-cream and my favourite flavour in summer is strawberry, so there you go. I just thought it’d look really cute (and it does, haha)
Then I started tattooing myself, so for practice reasons I tattooed a bunch of bunny-fish on my upper left leg. They’re inspired by the fab artists Kozyndan. I adore them, even if they don’t have a specific meaning except for maybe “everything is possible”. I got a lot of compliments for that one.
After that, I tattooed a bunch of black and white roses on my lower right leg. They’re inspired by my tattoo-inspiration Kat Von D. She always tattoos the most beautiful bunches of roses on the skin of her clients. Not a specific meaning, I just thought they’re pretty.
The fruit-lady on my right arm doesn’t have a specific meaning, either. I just wanted cherry blossoms and fruit on my arm, so that I have something more healthy after licking on that ice-cream, hehe.
The waves and the magnolia flowers I was adding up to the roses on my right leg because I wanted the tattoo to grow. Because I have a strong admiration for Japanese tattoo culture, I wanted something inspired by that.
Finally, I tattooed myself a leopard pattern next to the roses because leopard is never out of fashion and to give the whole tattoo on my leg a kind of frame. Sometimes I’m not just a little kitten, but a real cat, so that kinda fits, haha.

Hope that answers it ;)

2)What’s your height?

I’m 1,76 m(that’s 5’9 ft. methinks)

3) Since when are you interested in fashion and what influences your style?
Hah, well, I’m not really really interested in fashion. I don’t often read fashion magazines and/or I’m interested in streetstyle and what people were wearing decades ago, that’s *really* interesting.
I love the roaring 20s (but also the 80s) a lot, so that influences me I guess. Also music, fashion blogs and art(nouveau) massively influences my style.

4)What are your sources of inspiration?
Everything. Logically. I can get inspired to write a short story by watching a sunset. Pain and happiness inspires me. History inspires me and music of course. I guess people should just read Oscar Wild to answer that question :)

5) Is your hair naturally dark?
Ahem, to be quite honest, it’s actually a bit more fair than right now. My original hair colour is something between ash blonde and bright brunette. I dye them with Diadem by Schwarzkopf in a colour called “Espresso”.

6) How do you get your hair to look so shiny?
I use simple Nivea shampoo and tons, tons of conditioner afterwards that I leave in my hair for half an hour at least if I have the time ;) I also straighten them, even my fringe.

7) What’s your favourite recipe?

Ohh, that’s difficult. But okay, uhm. You mean cooking/baking? I guess a recipe for truffles/chocolates. They just consist of tons and tons of chocolate, melted in warm cream with vanilla flavour and sugar, then I add butter and spices or Bailey’s, when it’s cold I roll little balls and later on cover them in chocolate. They’re the best, everybody loves them, haha.

8) Which book changed your life?
Will have to say “The Lord of the Rings”.

9) Which 5-10 celebrities would you invite to a party?
Okay… 5 living: George Clooney (+Martini), Irina Lazareanu, Kyle MacLachlan, Peter Doherty, Sean Lennon (+girlfriend because they only come in pairs)
5 dead: Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Peter Lorre, Louise Brooks, Aubrey Beardsley

As I said, if you have more questions, post them please. Good night and Merry Christmas!!!