My Caudalíe Vinopure Beauty-Routine with new Cleansing Gel


Even as grown-up women, we sometimes struggle with irritated or imperfect skin and that can be really bothering… in order to work against these outbreaks or irritations, we tend to quickly buy one of the many products out there to fight the spots, but many of these products available are rather aggressive towards our skin, not natural and dehydrating which doesn’t really help our skin…

My personal well-being tipps from the inside out

But there are also all natural, very good products out there against irritations and spots. I will talk about that in the next step. But before that, let me give you a couple of tips on how to bring more well-being in your stressful everyday-life which will also help to some extend against irritated skin.

1. Take a moment and breathe in and out deeply. Feel the flow of your breath. Repeat whenever you feel stressed.

2. Go outside into nature and notice it with all your senses. Take an our just for yourself and forget about your to-do lists.

3. Do yoga or learn how to meditate. It will re-align your body and mind and you’ll reach a better connection to your inner self.

4. Try to eat healthy, whole and natural. Create your own dishes at home and start to see food as fuel for your sacred body and not as a necessity.

5. Drink lots of water or unsweetened tea and try to reduce the amount of alcohol to a minimum.

The Vinopure-Series for irritated grown up skin with spots

In some phases of your life, you might need more than just a healthier lifestyle, though. Next to lots of movement, yoga, breathing and healthy food, you might need something like a good product to help your skin get better. My favorite French beauty brand Caudalíe has such a wonderful series against the problems of grown-up combination skin.

The natural ingredients and the especially sensitive care formulas simply convinced me. And the Vinopure-Series really helps! Since I’ve been using the precuts, my skin as become much better in phases of outbreak and thanks to that, I’m feeling so much better in my own skin!

The Vinopure-Series was developed by Caudalíe for grown-ups with combination skin, spots and irritated skin. Until now, the series was a combination of cleansing lotion, infusion serum and mattifying fluid. Since September 2019, they added the Vinopure cleansing gel* with a 98% natural formula. It cleanses the skin softly without dehydrating it. By the way, all the Vinopure product are also vegan.

In all four products of the Vinopure-series, you’ll find wonderful, natural and very efficient ingredients that I want to outline here, quickly. The series features natural salicylic acid for clear and smaller pores and an improved skin all over. Biological rose water helps regulating the production of sebum and helps your taint glow. Graphe-polyphenols are a natural antioxidant and biological essential oils from lavender, lemongrass, geranium, rosemary, balm and peppermint work as a natural protective shield against the growth of p-acnes bacteria, the main reason for blemishes. All these ingredients combined make this skincare series so perfect for sensitive grown-up combination skin.

The Vinopure beauty-routine

The new cleansing gel complements the already existing Vinopure-series perfectly. Follow these four steps for clear grown-up skin:

Step 1: The Vinopure cleansing gel* is the first step against blemishes, as it cleanses and clears the skin but doesn’t dehydrate it. Foam it up in your hands with some warm water, wash your face, rinse with warm water.

Step 2: The Vinopure cleansing lotion* prepares the skin for the following steps, reduces blemishes, refines the skin’s texture and decreases the size of the pores. Add morning and evening with a cotton pad to your skin.

Step 3: The concentrated Vinopure infusion serum* visibly reduces blemishes, refines the skin’s texture, cleanses and refines the pores. It also adds a natural glow to your skin. Use the serum morning and evening after the cleansing lotion. You can also use it only on a single spot.

Step 4: The Vinopure mattifying fluid* offers the skin some extra hydration and helps to reduce blemishes and irritations. Use it morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté. Leave out the eyes.

Have you ever tried the Vinopure series or any other Caudalíe product? What is your opinion on it? I’m looking forward to your comments!

*Paid Advertisement: This article is supported by Caudalíe.

Photography: Max Bechmann



5 Comments on My Caudalíe Vinopure Beauty-Routine with new Cleansing Gel

  1. Ria
    Wednesday October 9th, 2019 at 06:11 PM (12 months ago)

    Love Cuadalie, and these photos are gorgeous.

  2. Jana
    Friday October 11th, 2019 at 11:03 AM (12 months ago)

    Caudalíe muss ich endlich mal ausprobieren… die Fotos sind auch echt mal wieder umwerfend geworden <3

    LG Jana

  3. Marie
    Friday October 11th, 2019 at 11:07 AM (12 months ago)

    Danke für die Tipps für mehr Inneres Wohlbefnden… das hatte ich grade gebraucht :-) Merci! Und von Caudalie nehme ich immer das Vinoperfect Serum. Ohne könnte ich mir meine Beautyroutine garnicht mehr vorstellen :-)

    Schönes Wochenede von Marie

  4. Angie
    Friday October 11th, 2019 at 11:10 AM (12 months ago)

    Oh wie wundervoll! Das Eau de Beauté ist mein Lieblingsprodukt von Caudalie. Die Bilder sind grandios geworden und die Routine klingt super.

  5. Maike
    Sunday October 13th, 2019 at 08:44 PM (12 months ago)

    Caudalie hat so gute Produkte. Toller Post!

    LG Maike