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My current yoga equipment

By popular demand: on Instagram, I have been asked very often what kind of equipment I use for my yoga practice. To round up on the basics and to show you some inexpensive alternatives, I have created this blogpost in which I’ve collected all the necessary information for you. Good things take time: My personal […]

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Feel-Good Yoga Wear

My personal yoga-journey The past 10 months have been the most intense in my almost 4-year yoga-journey so far. I am currently practicing 50 to 90 minutes yoga daily and on every single day of the year, in any place, no matter where I am or how I feel prior to my praxis. But in […]

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Advertisement … and 5 Yoga-exercises for everyone who’s got to sit a lot at work. My sweeties, after I had already talked about the first POP IMPRESSION area at Peek & Cloppenburg (There are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg in Germany with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This is a blog post released […]

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Beginner Yogi

About my favourite Yoga-exercises, Quickcap Sports and my new tiny friend! My sweeties, did you know that there is near to none natural vegetation on Fuerteventura, but also, almost no animals?! Not even insects! We discovered only a few goats here and there, trying to find something edible on the rocky hills. But then, there […]

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