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Darling, Darling…

♬ Lana Del Rey – Carmen ♬ This sweet dress was a gift from the lovely peeps over at Darling Clothes and in every way, this gift was such a surprise. Firstly, because I did expect a lot of other packages that day but the one to arrive I had totally forgotten about. I was […]

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Manhattan Nail Polish

From this day onwards, Manhattan Cosmetics launches a limited edition line of nail polishes designed by two major German fashion and style blogs: STYLEPROOFED and MODEPILOT. I already had the chance to test all these new colours designed by the bloggers but Manhattan Cosmetics was kind enough to provide a full set of each collection […]

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We are Golden

♬ Joni Mitchell – Woodstock ♬ Compared to the generally better known cover versions of “Woodstock” by both “Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young” and “Matthews Southern Comfort”, the original by Joni Mitchell features quite a calm yet haunting arrangement on her electric piano and together with her beautiful voice, this one is easily my favourite […]

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Colour Splash!

Ahh, the sales! I bet you already made your choices, right? I sure did! But if you’re still looking for some really good deals on designer items, one of my favourite online stores, MONNIER Frères, has a really good sales selection, so I thought I’d make a little shopping selection and invite you all to […]

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Little Lion Man

♬ Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man ♬Oh dear oh dear, you just wouldn’t believe what I found while spending this rainy afternoon cleaning up my folders on my MacBook. A bunch of pictures the lovely Jasmin took of me while we were in Barcelona more than 2 months ago! Crazy how time flies, […]

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