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Blue Jeans

Hi again, it’s me blogging from my couch to which I am confined for yet another 2 weeks! I’d never have believed that twisting your ankle could turn into such a big fat pain in the arse… anyway, since I can’t walk right now (except the five steps to my fridge and the bathroom) I’ll […]

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Barcelona with Stradivarius

A while ago, I was invited by Stradivarius to visit Barcelona (again!), yay! Together with Jasmin, Anna, Jana, Julia and the team of German GLAMOUR (who also just published an article with a video HERE), we got the chance to visit not only the main store of Stradivarius on the first, but also the impressive […]

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Barcelona with Pepe Jeans

A month ago, I was invited by Pepe Jeans to fly to Barcelona for a day and follow the shooting of the new Pepe Jeans commercial! My job there was following around the Formula 1 Red Bull racing team Vettel and Webber with my little camera while they were filming the video of, well, basically […]

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