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Flowerbeds, Pt. 1

Work has started again which leaves me tired beyond belief each day of the week, BUT I still managed to upload the pictures from our visit at the “Botanischer Garten” Berlin last weekend, where my bf and I took a long stroll and a lot of lovely pictures. Afterwards, we had a most spectacular dinner […]

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Thoughts growing out of her head

It’s been a while (again). In the meantime I went to Berlin, including a full cultural and culinary programm. I can’t even remember everything right now, or I’d have to really think about it, but for example I went to see two Berlinale films, “Bróder” and “Zona Sur”, both South American productions, both in their […]

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Déco/Nouveau – My Room

And should I move to a new room in the near future (hopefully very soon!), ouhhh I can’t wait to decorate it all again, even prettier, even more candles, even more Art Nouveau, more flowers, chandeliers etc. I hope you’re all feeling a little “illuminated” by this, while we’re all waiting for spring, hehe. And […]

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Summertime, hey hey!

As promised before (whether you want it or not :P) some pics of the dk fashion show on saturday. Some of the dresses were really quite cute! I myself ordered a very cute heart-print dress from Topshop yesterday, can’t wait till it arrives! Photo credit, as always, goes to Isabelle Schernus, my sister and phtographer […]

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