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Story: all new on the blog?

A few changes and news over here on CATS & DOGS Well… “all new” might be a little bit exaggerated. Still, today’s post is important in order to tell you all about the changes that you will notice over the next days, weeks and months. After all, we are cleaning up things a little over […]

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A good start into the new year!

It’s the end of the year as we know it… Sweeties, first Christmas and suddenly, it’s already the end of the year 2017. Time flies, but today, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a great start into the new year and lots of success, happiness, health and fun from the bottom […]

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Merry Christmas from us!

Sweeties, the two of us would like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas time, beautiful moments with your beloved ones, lots of very good food and many unforgettable moments full of love and warmth! We would like to thank you all for staying true to our blog and all your lovely comments […]

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2011/2012 – my crazy Instagram beginnings

Attention – now, it’s getting really funny! This is how I started with Instagram back in 2011/2012! My sweeties, today, I have got something really funny for you – my Instagram beginnings! I crolled down to the very bottom of my Insta-feed (and that’s 2.138 pictures after all) and found some real special pictures just […]

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