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Firenze4Ever: Afterglow

My final look from Florence – you’ve probably had enough of my StyleLab shoots already, haven’t you? Luckily, I only shot three outfits with LUISAVIAROMA and STYLEBOOK Blogstars during the Firenze4Ever event. From next week, you’ll get more „normal“ looks again, promise. Although, I must say that this final StyleLab shoot is a lot more […]

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Firenze4Ever: Christopher Kane

„Oh my God, it’s a FACE!!“ That was me screaming when I looked upon the camera screen while shooting these super-high-fashion-y pictures at Villa Cora in Florence with sweet Susanna from STYLEBOOK Blogstars and my personal assistant from LUISAVIAROMA giving me moral support throughout the day. Thank you Stylebook for being so amazing!!! Oh my […]

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Alcott Event

Some might say that the market is overfed with clothes covering any price range imaginable. You can buy a sweater for €5 at Primark or €5000 from Balenciaga, depending on how much you are able (and willing!) to pay for clothing and how much you value the living conditions of the sweatshop workers and your […]

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Common Vintage 2

Some of you might remember the first time I was shooting beautiful dresses for Common Vintage – it’s been over 4 months since then but I had an equally fantastic time at the shooting. The dresses were marvellous (again!) and it wasn’t hard to choose which ones would suit me best – but take a […]

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The Universe

♬ Star Trek Original Series Intro ♬ The second part of my Halloween-Series this year offers some photography rather than styling inspiration, even though the outfit could well be worn at a Halloween-Party, I’m sure of that (and yeah, no fake blood or teeth in this look, either!) So this is my personal take on […]

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