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Where’s Waldo?

♬ American Pie – Don McLean ♬ Would you believe me if I told you that this ACNE „dress“ I’m wearing is actually a skirt? Funny, heh? But I thought it looked even more perfect worn as a super short 60s shaped (yeah I love that shape right now!) boxy dress than as a knee-lenght […]

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Chic In 5 Steps!

♬ Summer In The City – Loving Spoonful ♬ Alright, imagine this: a day off, sunny weather, birds singing, street cafés packed with people that waited far too long in their dark rooms to finally get out and enjoy the springtime – and you are one of them. So how to deal with this sudden […]

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Floral Is Back

Yes, yes, yeees!! Holy moly, I still can’t believe that finally (finally!!), spring has made its way to the far east of Germany and blessed us with at least a few days of sun and warmth. Wow! But I’m not here to talk about the weather. I’m here to talk about what the weather does […]

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♬ Visage – Fade To Grey ♬ Holy mother of… what was that? Someone said that spring had started and that this was Easter 2013. Haha, LOL JK! Someone was making fun of us, yeah? Probably… But being a style blogger means that you gotta be tough. Nobody, not even Saint bleedin‘ Peter up there, […]

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10 Songs About Winter

Well, my unconditional love for classic rock and any kind of independent guitar music has been made clear for many editions of the „10 Songs“-Category over the past couple of months. This time, the topic is Winter and first and foremost those post- or non-holiday winter songs that have nothing, not in the merest, to […]

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Layering Textures

♬ Uriah Heep – Lady in Black ♬ Call me old-fashioned, but I really love this song. Especially the part by the end when the Hammond organ sets in – just great! This is the second outfit in a row with my new and currently favourite necklace from Zara. I love its bold look and […]

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