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[Suzanne Vega – Caramel]To catch this beautiful sunset on camera, we took a walk through Tiergarten a few days ago and I truly enjoyed the walk. When the sun shines, autumn really must be my favourite season!This week and the following, I’m off work, staying at home, doing this and that, buying furniture at IKEA, […]

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Fast Fuse

Yeah, I’m still alive, actually very much so! And I simply have to tell you that everything appears to work out perfectly well: I found a beautiful flat, I handed in my Master thesis, I finished loads of other work for uni and it’s only one more month to go until my days as a […]

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The Park

[Feist – The Park]Yesterday was my first time wearing these floral bleached Topshop jeans, after having gone through a long process of getting my hands on them. When Topshop first stocked these pants, I ordered them right away, which only resulted in them booking back the money to my Paypal account together with the information […]

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Music’s my imaginary friend

Today I’m gonna bore you with an look inside my current iPod playlists. This came to my mind when I realised I had my iPod with me when we took a walk in the morning, for iced coffee and photos. So there you go, maybe some stuff you can relate to, or might want to […]

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