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Summertime Sun

Like many other bloggers, I’m hereby taking part in the Mister Spex Summer Style Challenge 2013 and because I really liked the shape and style of these browline sunnies they offered me, I accepted without hesitation. The task was to combine these reminiscent of the classic Clubmaster model sunglasses with a suitable summery outfit, so […]

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Summer Skin

Oh yeah, Death Cab For Cutie are so romantic with their ideas about summer and how to fall in love with a girl in this season that won’t last in the next. Anyway, summer skin for me is not about tan or freckles, sunshine or waterdrops but about mosquito bites! Those little monsters are one […]

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Strawberry Biker

Dear God, it’s such a pain to be writing blogposts in this heat! Every day I hope it will be a little cooler but the sun keeps on blazing and the heat keeps on cooking my brain! Even the thunderstorm didn’t cool the weather down much. Haha, I know I shouldn’t complain – but I […]

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The Story Of A Rose

On the last day, I took her where the wild roses growShe lay on the bank, the wind light as a thiefAnd I kissed her goodbye, said, “All beauty must die”And I lent down and planted a rose between her teeth Nick Cave I don’t even want to write much in order not to spoil […]

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Only In Green

It’s summertime after all and such a blessed season calls for dancing and prancing, sunbathing and berries and of course, for dressing up in light silky skirts, crochet shirts and soft suede jackets. All of those clothes kept in my favourite shades of green, camouflaging in my blooming surroundings again. I felt so elegant and […]

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