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Flower Crown

Sollte ich jemals heiraten, möchte ich dabei bitte einen wundervollen Blumenkranz auf meinem Haupt tragen. Keine aufwändige Hochsteckfrisur. Da bin ich eher Hippie. Und tatsächlich ist man als Gartenmädchen niemals zu alt dafür! Und obwohl solcherlei Kopfschmuck doch schon sehr typisch “Modeblogger” ist, schmückt es doch ungemein. Kleine, feine Blüten, verwoben und geflochten zu einer […]

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Office Customised

I really can’t wait until I’ve finally moved into my new room! Did I tell you that I’ve found one? I’m so excited to decorate everything anew, make little changes with big impact and start working from my new home office very soon! Sometimes, change is a good thing and this one (by now) is […]

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Re-Thinking Heels

“I’m short on money but I’m long on time…” Shoes, especially the really pretty ones, are probably every girl’s most favourite obsession. We can’t really grab it but it’s always been there. Our great-grandmothers loved shoes and our daughters still will. And it’ll always be fun to swoon over a new “must-have” pair. But does […]

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My Jewelry Collection

Ohhhh no, the mess I’ve made! This image displays most of my current constant companions when it comes to jewelry. I wear these pieces almost all the time, depending on the outfit more or less of them simultaneously. Anyway, let’s clean this mess up and look where I got all these little precious things from, […]

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Dip-Bleached Shorts

Hello y’all! The short hiatus is over and I’m back (obviously). A winner for the Sheinside giveaway will be chosen via tonight so stay tuned, in the next post I will let you know about the lucky one! A week ago, we went to Berlin Zoo again and spent a lovely time among all […]

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DIY Pearly Shades

Yesterday I came up with a very very simple but quite effective way of pimping an ordinary pair of H&M sunnies. You know, we’ve been seeing all sorts of designer glasses with pearls and crystals attached to the frame, so this is a super cheap alternative! All I needed was the very inexpensive H&M shades […]

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