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[:en]Merci Jeanne – about the trend to dress like the girls in southern France[:de]Merci Jeanne – wie die Französinnen im Süden aktuell unsere Mode inspirieren[:]

[:en] Lets dream ourselves towards Marseille, then Bordeaux and finally, to the Côte d’Azur My sweeties, sometimes, I really get inspired on Instagram, too and really love to browse through the endless pictures and sometimes, even get lost. But sometimes, I discover gems I’d never have expected and this is a story of such a […]

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[:en]Moroccan inspired accessories for our living-room area[:de]Marokkanisch inspirierte Accessoires für unsere Wohnecke[:]

[:en] Suitable accessories for our Beni Ourain rug from Morocco My sweeties, sometimes, I feel the need to change something – ANYthing – in our home. But as we don’t have that many possibilities to move around our furniture in our loft (everything has its own designated place) wildly, it’s a hard thing to do […]

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[:en]We’re blogging together now – why CATS & DOGS will now be two times as good[:de]Ab jetzt bloggen wir zusammen – warum CATS & DOGS nun mindestens doppelt so gut wird[:]

[:en] A Q&A-game with my Max, who wil now be blogging on CATS & DOGS, too. My sweeties, today, I really have got some exciting news for you: my love Max, whom you already know from my Instastories and Instagram @catsanddogsblog but also from this YSL beauty post and from this interior article, will be […]

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