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The Red Maxi Dress

A dress like no other. My sweeties, today, I don’t wanna lose to many words around this post, as the amazing dress is really speaking for itself, isn’t it? It loudly tells us: “I love you”, or something like: “I burn, I admire, I seduce you and I am dancing through the fire of the […]

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My Summer scents 2017

The scents I prefer wearing this summer… My sweeties, today, I have a nice, little summertime beauty post prepared for you all. What it’s about? Well, today, I’m presenting you my favourite summer scents 2017. I have collected quite a few up to this point, so I really wanted to share them with you and […]

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Dreaming of sun, sand and sea

Just getting out of there for a bit… My sweeties, two days ago, we’ve been amazingly spontaneous (we hadn’t been that spontaneous in a long time), had the idea to get a away for a little (not for too long though, it’s fashion week next week in Berlin), so we sat in an airplane that […]

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