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New favourite colour Khaki

Khaki, olive or army-green? Anyway, let’s talk about my new favourite colour! Hey guys, I hope you survived the Christmas holidays quite well and finally did use the time to 1. eat loads of food, 2. relax and 3. spend some quality time with your family and beloved ones. Did you manage to do all […]

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A mad professor in Venice, Italy

Ah… Venice! Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you all my favourite outfit for an autumn day in Italy or, more precisely, in Venice. When I first thought about what to pack for this little trip, I almost immediately had to think about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is also set in Venice. […]

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Hopeless Wanderer

“Hold me fast, ´cause I’m a hopeless wanderer…” Hey guys! Wow, what a morning that was, on that one day during our week on Majorca. Ricarda and I took a hike really early in the morning on a day that promised to become a sunny one and suddenly, there it was: the perfect sunrise. And […]

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The Weekender

A bag for (almost) any day! Hey guys, just a few days ago, I was off travelling again. As you all probably still remember, I’m working as a freelance photographer and director of photography (here, you can see a little bit of my work and of course, here on CATS & DOGS). Normally, I’m travelling […]

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The Elegant Dandy Style

What is a Dandy and what makes him special? And am I really one? Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you in detail my outfit from our Ford Mustang Shooting, because I really liked the outfit so much! I enjoy the simplicity of this suit, but not without adding some interesting details, like the polka […]

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