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Blogwatch CW 31Blogwatch KW 31

Blogwatch: Lower Saxony Bloggers My dearies, there was no blogwatch last week, but this week, I’m back presenting some of my lovely blogger colleagues on CATS & DOGS! And because my hometown Hannover is located in Germany’s county Lower Saxony, I thought that this week, I could present my favourite blogs from my hometown area. […]

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Blogwatch CW 29Blogwatch KW 29

My dear readers, just like last week, I want to present my favourite links of my favourite blogger colleagues today – to inspire you and to support my dear blogging girls who are doing such a great job all the time! Support instead of battling each other, okay?! I hope you’ll like the mix of […]

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Blogwatch CW 28Blogwatch KW 28

My dearies, fashion week Berlin is over and many of my blogger colleagues already talked about the things they disliked about the blogsphere once again after this week. Superficiality, ignorance and jealousy were only some of the aspects of behaviour I too had to notice at times. Sometimes, you just can’t ignore that special, weird […]

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