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New In: Favourite Items

Today I want to show you some things that quite recently have come into my possession. I love these little item posts somehow. Firstly, because I really enjoy photographing accessories and little things, putting them into a nice light and all that. Secondly, because it gives me a decent overview of all the things I’ve […]

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#Manifesto by YSL

“Daring is an art…” The new manifest for femininity? Well, actress Jessica Chastain, the campaign’s dazzling face, surely thinks so. And yes, I’ve always believed that daring is winning, so it’s old news to me. What’s been new to me as well is the amazing new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent which quite suitably is […]

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Les Incoutournables

“Beauty is a matter of play, of seduction. A promise of wonder and delight…” (YSL)♬ Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose ♬Des yeux qui font baisser les miensUn rire qui se perd sur sa boucheVoilà le portrait sans retoucheDe l’homme auquel j’appartiens Quand il me prend dans ses brasIl me parle tout basJe vois […]

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Video: My New Hair

Oh my God, this is so exciting! This is a premiere: the first ever video on CATS & DOGS, how cool is that! I thought I’ll just show you how my hair turned from black to red in a couple of hours and you’ll also find out what products I used to get there. This […]

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