Yeh yeh, finally some outfit pics again – I know it’s been a while but there was just too much around me happening to actually come down to takin pictures and all.
Anyway, yesterday’s shopping results: a pretty Zara light blue cotton dress, a lovely leather Zara bag and new black leggins (have been in desperate need of a new pair of those!!) My sister wanted to go downtown shopping for a new shirt or two – she ended up buying a pair of platform heels instead, haha!

Today we went to some garden show in the Herrenhausen gardens and it was fun, lots of people selling their kitsch garden stuff and some fashion design students presenting their works at a little fashion show. Was cute.
Bought myself two cute coffee mugs there, with an English roses print on the outside. Love.

[dress, bag, leggins: Zara, wayfarers: ebay, lace-up suede ankle boots: Topshop]

Have a nice weekend!