A month ago, I was invited by Pepe Jeans to fly to Barcelona for a day and follow the shooting of the new Pepe Jeans commercial! My job there was following around the Formula 1 Red Bull racing team Vettel and Webber with my little camera while they were filming the video of, well, basically their butts in Pepe Jeans denims.

My first time on a F1 racing track was fun. Huge trucks, the garages and a soundscape including racing car noise was something that needed some getting used to, but it was all simply very impressive as I had never been to a F1 racing track before.
The filming itself was fun, too! The drivers of the Red Bull racing team had to walk their way through all the trucks right into the garage again and again while a filming team took the video footage and tons of people were keen to take pictures of the shooting like me. Mainly, we were filming and photographing the driver’s backs as, of course, we wanted to put the jeans into focus.

After the shooting, the super lovely Pepe Jeans team invited me for lunch by the harbor and I even got the chance to have a little tour of the amazingly beautiful city of Barcelona at the end of this sunny day. Upon arriving, I would never have thought that this day would turn out to be so versatile, exciting and beautiful. I definitely want to go back to Barcelona as soon as possible!!

You should also watch the finished commercial video below and visit COOLTERY.COM, Pepe Jeans’ own blog where I got the chance to publish my material as well!


And some shots of the beautiful city I took in the afternoon: