I spent my sunday re-working a second-hand blazer I found on ebay for €1! It was a size 40/UK 14 so I had to make it a loooot smaller, cut off at least 6 cm on both sides (had to basically open the whole blazer, remove the sleeves and sew them back on and all) but it was worth it because before, the blazer had a very strong Angela Merkel touch to it, but now with the puff-sleeves and all it became at least 30 years younger! It’s so good, I’ve searched for a light blue blazer for like… ever! So here it is, and I’m in love with it :)
Also finally found an opportunity to wear my circus-artiste-like Topshop dotted leggins – teamed with my DIY studded jeans shorts!

For a change, le boyfriend took my pics today. It was a bit of an adventure, him trying to handle the manual focus on my sister’s digital reflexive, but in the end, at least some of the pics turned out okay :D


Second-hand light blue blazer, DIY studded jeans shorts and random black top, Topshop leggins, BEBE shoes, H&M bracelet

And ’cause he’s got no idea I’m posting this on my blog right now, here’s a pic of M I took before he started photographing me today!