Or at least that’s the one big thing I seem to recall from that era… 90s I mean: showing off your belly all the time. Anyway, I am so sure this is coming back this summer, so you better get those sit-ups done, ladies! I sure am, haha.
Also, I realised they’re selling those belly-button piercing thingies again, holy moly! Did you get your belly-button pierced back then? Maybe you’re not old enough for having been a teenager in the 90s (and neither have I, I was only in elementary school), but I seem to recall the older girls all presenting those (uhm, not always tasteful) pieces of jewelry on their bodies back in the day.

Not showing you my belly-button today, but at least some of the area as it was warm enough and I kind of like the knotted-blouse-look (but yeah, it’s not very forgiving, especially when combined with leggins!)

Oh and yes, my twisted ankle is a little better, thanks for asking. I think one day I will be able to walk again properly. Until then you can call me John Watson (the Martin Freeman one) because if I’m not having my pictures taken, I’m still walking around with one of those medical walking aids – super hot!

Have a successful week!

[Minusey blouse, ZARA leggins and boots, vintage hat from London, Michael Kors watch, asos bracelet, Valentino bag via MONNIER Frères]