Alright, alright, wining about missing Belgrade and all that doesn’t quite help, I got it! And it’s easy to feel great at home in Hannover, too because we got the most summerly weather you could only imagine here as well! I spent most of the day outside in my folks’ garden, laughing at my dad trying to set up a framework thingie for some climbing plant and eating all kinds of sweets while being all voyeurist. It really quite feels like holidays here as well, hihi…
Meh oh my, I’m obsessed with the 80s vintage boots I found on ebay! They are like TEHHH perfect boots… walking in them I feel like the king of the world! Haha, just look at the awesome detail in the leather, it’s so pretty!

There’s a new banner. I was drawing it with ink and a feather, can you imagine! It was fun, it’s actually quite easy to do! Hope you enjoy, because I do!


[Dress/oversized drapery vest, running shorts underneath: Topshop, boots: vintage, knee-socks, bracelets, golden triangle-bra: H&M, satin-flower: stolen from my mom, think it’s H&M, necklace: ebay]