Unfortunately, but we’ll have to accept it. These pics were taken some days ago when it was still sunny and not as cold and windy/rainy as right now. It’s really uncomfortable right now to be outside.
Today we went to some sort of childrens’ theatre with our school class and the kids sure had a great time. But I was also freezing my feet off while standing on the open field for too long. Should’ve worn winter boots already!

This outfit only shows “old” clothes, haha. The velvet dress is about 1 1/2 years old, the leo scarf is back in the stores but I bought it last year as well as the trench which I bought last march. Still, I really like this look, it’s chic and clean and just right for a sunday on the town^^

Hope to be back with more pics soon, I’ve got a lot to show you, just don’t have so much time with all the working and all :D

[H&M dress, scarf, tights, Topshop bag and wedges]