Ce soir, disons chez moi
Enfin je compte de toi
Je te drague la rose mystique
Tu l’arroses mystique?
Ha, mon Dieu!
C’est mon monde de soleil…

[“Our Lady of the Flowers” by Jean Genet,
recited by Peter Doherty in “The last of the English roses”]

Yeah, alright, I love putting a pretty black and white picture (my sister was experimenting with the functions of her cam again today, so she produced some nice black and white ones, too) and a nice quote underneath to the begging of a blog entry.
I’m wearing my lovely brown Pete-hat which I got on the sale for only 9 €, it’s such a nice hat but just a tad too big for my head, so it tends to fly away every other minute with this kinda storm outside. But it was great, such a sunny and warm day! Hope it’ll be like that for my bithday, too!
Other than that, nothing special to tell today.
Neither can I explain very nicely how I made that knot on my head that I’m wearing on last post’s photos – some of you have been asking. I just wrapped them around a rubber band and then once around the knot again, just fixed it with hairspray. I didn’t use any kinda fancy sponge rings or whatever to pad it underneath, because I have a LOT of hair anyway, and of a particularly thick kind if I don’t straighten it. So there you go, I’m sorry not to be able to explain it better!

Apologies also for hiding my eyes under a block of fringe-shade, the sun was soo heavy :D


Wearing a brown felt hat from C&A, Topshop long white vest & navy boxy cardigan, H&M denim look leggins, Ash leather wedges, H&M bracelets