Take it easy baby
Take it as it comes
Don’t move too fast
If you want your love to last
You’ve been moving much too fast…

Yep yep yep, mix of Arctic Monkeys and The Doors today… innit nice.
Jeez I’m dead. In dire need of a shower. I invited two Italian couchsurfers over to my garden last night… and we had a really good night. I haven’t been walking on the cemetery at midnight since I was 11 years old, so that was an experience. Does anybody have any cool suggestions for cemeteries in other places that are fun to walk at night?

This is what I wore yesterday during the daytime. The shirt is very old, in fact stolen from my mom’s closet. It’s made of a wonderful silky fabric and I felt it was great for combining with some other shades of brown. It’s a really easy holiday outfit somehow, and comfy to wear.

Have a nice day, I need to reanimate myself now somehow.


[Shirt: vintage from my mom, scarf: H&M, jewellery: vintage, jeans: Topshop, wedges: ASH]