Why “CATS & DOGS”?
Ricarda is the cat, Max is the dog. We live, work, travel and write this blog together and are sharing our favorite stories here in our own couple journal.

Welcome to CATS & DOGS, an online travel, couple, fashion and style diary brought to you by Ricarda Schernus and Max Bechmann, German freelance bloggers, photographers, stylists and online writers with a great deal of passion for the beautiful things in life, for mindfulness and quality.

On CATS & DOGS, Ricarda and Max share marvellous places, favorite outfits, mindful thoughts and lots more…

Ricarda has a great passion for travelling, yoga, mindfulness, reading, Netflix cooking, French style, art, brit-pop (especially Oasis) and classic rock music, the South of France and natural beauty.

Max loves travelling, photography, coffee, dandy-style fashion, our Citroen CX 2000, tech-stuff, automobiles (modern cars and classics), classic rock and folk music, Netflix, good food and skateboarding.

Enjoy your stay on CATS & DOGS, start dreaming and take your dreams out into the world!