About gifts and self-love on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day – the day of love and lovers – is upon us once again and you may think of this day in whichever manner you prefer, but showing each other some warmth and loving – I think that deserves a special day. Of course, you don’t need to give any material gifts on that day as time together is worth so much more, but just the idea is such a lovely one. You could use Valentine’s Day to take a long walk by a lake or river, to finally watch your favorite movie again, to take lots of time for cuddling or cook your favourite meal together. There are endless possibilities to spend a beautiful day together with your most beloved person and show each other how much you love spending time together. And who knows, perhaps this Valentine’s Day activity will turn into a fixed date night that you will have each month in the future?!

But even if quality time together is the most important thing, giving each other a lovely gift is something you may want to do as well, so you might just take the inspiration from this post as well.

Of course, my gift inspiration collage is meant for the ladies (so the men might take it as an inspiration as well ;D), but it’s also perfect if you want to treat YOURSELF for Valentine’s Day. “Self-love is the most important kind of love” – don’t you agree? After all, it’s a fact: only if you love yourself, you can also give and receive love. How about we just call Valentine’s Day “Selflove-Day” instead?! Not such a bad idea, isn’t it?

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Photography: Max Bechmann



3 Comments on About gifts and self-love on Valentines Day

  1. Alena
    Wednesday February 12th, 2020 at 12:50 PM (8 months ago)

    Tolle Geschenkideen! Da kann man sich auch schon mal selbst was gutes tun <3

  2. Maria
    Wednesday February 12th, 2020 at 07:28 PM (8 months ago)

    Richtig schöne Idee! :) Die Collage ist toll übrigens!

    LG Maria

  3. When is Easter
    Friday February 14th, 2020 at 05:32 PM (8 months ago)

    Ihre Auswahl ist großartig. Ich folge dir immer. Du bist ein Geschenk für Menschen. Vielen Dank.