A week of discovering South Tyrol with Jake*s


A „what to do, where to go“ for the region Val Gardena, Gröden with my favorite outfits by Jake*s

By now, our trip to South Tyrol already lies a couple of weeks in the past, but today, I would like to look back with you at a very special trip to one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and I hope you’ll fall in love with it a little bit as well.

Right before our trip, I was so excited because I had never ever been in the mountains in my life! Of course, I had seen the mountains on the TV and from the airplane, but I never walked in a region with really high mountains, so this was a first!

And I didn’t think that I’d fall in love with the mountains so much. But this week in South Tyrol opened up a whole new horizon of possibilities for me and if you haven’t been to the Dolomites, yet, you’ll really have to put the region up on your travel bucket list!

A week in South Tyrol with Jake*s

In the following article, I would like to talk about our trip and of course, also show you all my lovely outfits I put together with trendy and classic items by Jake*s. Furthermore, I’ve collected all the addresses of all the places we went so that, should you already plan your trip to South Tyrol, you can easily write your favorite destinations down in your notebook immediately. Enjoy!

Day 1

Arriving in Gröden

After a quick flight from Dusseldorf to Munich, we all met at the airport in order to drive to South Tyrol by bus, which felt a bit like a school trip. Finally, after 3,5 hours on said bus, we arrived at our fantastic boutique hotel Nives. Here, we met for an aperitivo and after that, Max and I used the beautiful evening light to take some pictures of my dinner-outfit. Afterwards, we all met for dinner at our hotel and went to bed rather early.

I’m wearing:
Jake*s green wrap blouse*

Hotel Nives
Via Nives 4 | 39048 Selva die Val Gardena | BZ, Italia

Day 2

Horseback-riding through nature and lunching at the top of a mountain

Our first “real” day in South Tyrol startet with a quick breakfast, before we all started with our first adventure: horseback-riding! As I loooove horses so much, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get back on a horse.

Four of us decided to go on a trail into the forest on our four horses and the photographers followed us by foot. The road was very rocky, so the horses had to look carefully where to put their hoofs, but they managed super well and I just loved this little ride so much. Back at Hotel Pozzamanigoni, the horses were taken care of and we treated ourselves with our second cup of coffee of the day, sitting in the warm sunshine.

Ich trage:
Jake*s white blouse*
Jake*s mom-jeans*

Hotel Pozzamanigoni
La Selva Str. 51 | 39048 Wolkenstein in Gröden | BZ, Italien

After the riding session, the next activity was a walk through the mountains to our lunch destination. But first, at Ciampinoi, I had my first funicular ride ever. It was quite exciting for me, I really loved the view from our cabin. Once we’d arrived at the top, we took some pictures and then walked down to the Comici-Hütte, where we had a delicious lunch! The food was really amazing, all the flowers and spices from the mountains were included in the meals and this just gave the food the most incredible and intense taste!

Str. Plan de Gralba 24 | 39048 Plan de Gralba | BZ, Italia

And then, something special happened on our walk back: we met a group of incredibly beautiful cows and I even had the chance to caress them. What incredibly pure and calm creatures they are! I really can’t understand why humans have to be so cruel to such beautiful animals.Friends, not food, really!

I’m wearing:
Jake*s Collection trench*

Tag 3

A walk in the forest and tasting gin at 2410 metres

On Wednesday, we went into the forest in the morning. There, in the hills in between cows and fir trees, we had the chance to become one with nature and to feel it with all our senses. We also learned a lot about the woods and for me, this morning was one of the most special and beautiful during this trip.

I’m wearing:
Jake*s striped shirt*
Jake*s mom-jeans navy*

After this beautiful experience in the forest, we went up a mountain and I mean really high up! We went to the Sofie Hütte at 2410 Metern above sea level! It was so far up, I couldn’t believe it and needed a moment to realize where I actually was.

At Sofie Hütte, we had a gin-tasting with Alpine Gin 8025 and the whole atmosphere was amazing. I actually don’t really like gin but this one was quite good! But even better was the atmosphere at the Hütte, the view and the mighty mountains in the back. Before dinner, we had a look at the new autumn collection by Jake*s and spontaneously, I put on two of the new pieces and we shot some outfit pictures up there in the evening sun. How do you like the 70s vibes of my look?

Sofie Hütte
Via Mastlè 64 | 39047 Santa Cristina Valgardena | BZ, Italia

Day 4

SPA-moments and crazy weather

On Thursday, we had a slow start into the day at the SPA of 5-star Alpenroyal Grand Hotel. Here, we had the chance to truly relax, swim, sunbathe or use the gym. And of course, we also took some pictures here in a really fun shirt by Jake*s. Afterwards, we also had a super yummy grilled lunch at this hotel – I really loved my grilled veggies so much!

I’m wearing:
Jake*s t-shirt with „Voyage 87“ print*

Alpenroyal Grand Hotel *****
Str. Meisules 43 | 39048 Selva di Val Gardena | BZ, Italia

The afternoon of the same day, we had planned to go paragliding, but as the weather decided against us (there were heavy thunderstorms all afternoon), we decided not to fly after all and go back to the hotel where I had a hot and super relaxing bath and dinner afterwards.

Tag 5

Our Jake*s shooting, yoga in the forest and a wine tasting

In the early morning of the last full day in South Tyrol, Max and I finally had our fashion shooting with two Jake*s outfits I had chosen beforehand. The other girls all had their shootings before us and we really couldn’t wait to shoot some nice pictures ourselves. Here are some of the results for you guys, how do you like them?

Look 1:
Jake*s yellow knit with block stripes*
Jake*s yellow wool mini skirt*

Look 2:
Jake*s Collection checkered blazer*
Jake*s Collection black wide trousers*

After we had finished our shooting, we met with the whole crew and had a nice yoga session in the forest. I really liked the atmosphere of being surrounded by nature but doing yoga on such a hilly ground was quite a challenge, hehe. But it was a nice inspiration for meditation!

Finally, after lunch, we met at Hotel Gran Baita for a wine tasting. I really found it very interesting and I learned so many new things about the wines from the South Tyrol region. We even went to the wine cellar, something I always really like because of all the very old and dusty wines, hehe.

Hotel Gran Baita
Str. Nives 11 | 39048 Wolkenstein in Gröden | BZ, Italia

Tag 6

Frühstück auf 2300 Metern und Goodbye Südtirol

On Saturday, we had to say goodbye to the Dolomites, to South Tyrol and to our really lovely guides and locals, Christine and Florian who made this week just perfect for us. But before we had to say goodbye, we had a really yummy breakfast at 2300 metres at the Dantercepies Mountain Lodge. The fog was hanging deep in the valleys that morning and made the view simply so magical.

After breakfast and a 4,5 hour bus drive back to Munich, we also had to say goodbye to the Jake*s team and the other blogger girls and then, took our flight back to Dusseldorf. But this special week will be unforgettable for us – for ever!

Photography: Max Bechmann, Nora Tabel & Ricarda Schernus

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