Die Blätter fallen, fallen wie von
als welkten in den Himmeln ferne
sie fallen mit verneinender Gebärde.

Und in den Nächten fällt die schwere
aus allen Sternen in die Einsamkeit.

Wir alle fallen. Diese Hand da fällt.
Und sieh dir andre an: es ist in allen.

Und doch ist Einer, welcher dieses
unendlich sanft in seinen Händen hält.

This little Rilke poem just came to mind, sorry, can’t translate it right now, too tired from work! I do remember now why I quit this job a year ago – being a waitress in that bloody business lunatic asylum is suicide! Glad it was only today and will be another day tomorrow – never again, I’m telling you, I’d rather be broke!

Before all that I still felt good and this is when we took these pics.
I’m wearing that biker leather jacket I told you about – now I’m not so sure I wanna sell it, except if you make me a real good price. But yeah, I’m really not sure, I kinda fell in love with it. I studded it with over 100 pyramid studs, can you believe it? My left index finger-fingernail turned blue from being hit with a hammer one too many times afterwards o.O

The dress I’m wearing is another one that I made myself. It’s made from an XXL womens’ skirt I got from my mom’s friend. I love the way it shows a bare shoulder/back, BUT it’s WAY too short, yet I love it so much that I keep on wearing it continuously(with denim shorts underneath so that no wind can turn this dress into an accident).

My oh my, summer’s almost gone, I’ll miss my little dresses!

Have a great saturday my lovelies! I’ll jump to bed.


[floral dress:selfmade, studded biker jacket: second-hand customised by me, necklace and silver bracelet: second-hand, heels: Topshop]

(That’s funny cos it looks like I only got one arm)