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Stars and the sun


I actually meant to spend my evening getting some work for uni done, but then I figured that it could wait until later tonight so I am officially allowed to waste my time round here for a little longer.

Could you, my honourable readers, do me a favour and vote for me if you think I’m good enough to take pictures for G-Star RAW at New York Fashion Week in February? That would be soooo kind of you. Just click on the black banner in the right side column of my blog. (for the people that don’t get the point, I don’t, either xD all I know is I want to take pictures there, would be so much fun and I think I’m good enough to do it)

Today was moderately cold (6°C), but it was bearable. The snow has vanished, the sun has reappeared and we were all jumping happily out of our fur coats into the leather biker jackets. (Not for longer than an hour, though, because my hands turned into a weird mix of blue and pink – violet that is, right!)
The Topshop boots are epic, beautiful patent leather, silver heel instert and insane platforms – yay for being 1,90 m tall!

So what’s everybody’s plans for New Year’s Eve? The year will soon be over, 2010 is gonna be big!!


Boots from Topshop, knitted star-dress and biker jacket from Miss Selfridge, purse from H&M, vintage sun necklace.



Is Heaven just in my mind?


Wow I didn’t have the time to log into my blogger a lot lately, so I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY for all your lovely comments, there was a whole bunch of them I didn’t read, yet… so that completely made my day right now :) You’re a bunch of wonderful people, I love each one of you!

Emem over at [We Love Colors] was sweet enough to send me these really fun splash patterned tights which I am really thankful for, they’re too cool for school xD yet, I really wanna wear them for uni someday, just to see the reactions of my fellow students. I remember wearing a pair of blue sequin leggins to uni last year when everybody was looking at me like I was mad.
Anyway, these tights are so soft, very stretchy and much stronger than your usual H&M tights I should say. Oh what am I talking, they’re so fun, get yourself a pair if you want!

Btw., it’s so cold over here already, I didn’t feel my fingers for half an hour after having come back home… winter is just horrible!

Have an extremely lovely day!

PS.: I’ve just been browsing my blog a bit, the booties I’m wearing here are the same ones I was wearing back in [this post], some of you might remember. But by now, I’m wearing the studded belts in a different way around my ankles AND I had to dye the platform and heel black because it was totally destroyed (sod ZARA shoes, really!) I also coloured the sole golden, just for the sake of it :)


[H&M wool coat and zipper dress, We Love Colors tights, Topshop bag, Zara shoes]


Ideas on how to use two different media to motivate reading with adolescent learners of English as a foreign language.


Yep, that’s the title of my BA thesis – as from now on confirmed by my professor. Gosh, I want to finishhhh… it’s getting boring!

Nothing for me on the sales, it’s all boring. But found a not-so-cheap but very beautiful soft denim-look dress at H&M the other day. It’s gorgeous, really nice to wear on a hot day (as we have many of those lately!)

Went to have an ice cream round the corner with my sister earlier, I had a Spaghetti ice cream and my sister a Stracciatella chocolate ice cream. Wow, SO tasty, but the cream and choco/raspberry sauce and crunchy bits of chocolate on top were enough food for the whole day!

It’s really the perfect kind of weather right now! Once I have finished with my BA it’ll probably be pouring down again, but if not, I’ll spend morning until evening in my parents’ garden, that’s for sure!

dress, silver bracelet: H&M, heels: Topshop, leather bag: vintage, local newspaper.



From a drawing to an e-painting

I’m indeed not drawing a lot these days, maybe due to uni and the stress and lack of time that comes with it, or maybe it’s just be lack of inspiration.
Abour a year ago I started doing mainly very stylised ink-drawings, a year before that, I was strangely attracted to surrealist paintings and thus produced TONS of ’em myself. Right now, I’m more into stuff that takes rather small amounts of time so that I don’t have to stress myself even more. If you’re bored right now, take a pen and a piece of paper (doesn’t have to be white paper, can also be a writing paper) and follow me here – if not, enjoy the pics!

My inspiration for this drawing was my sweet friend Pascal [check out his fashion blog if you don’t know it yet HERE], first of all because I really liked the colours of the original picture and secondly the composition and the pose just as the facial expression. To produce something of great quality, you need to have an inspiration that really touches your heart and soul and not only your mind. (Oh this could’ve been quite an Oscar Wilde saying, haha)
But enough of the talking, I’m even boring myself already and that should mean something!

step #1
step #2
step #3

I felt explaining in detail how the procedure of creating this drawing went would be too boring for most of you. Just to say that I did the drawing with a simple pencil, then scanned it and coloured the thingie in Photoshop with the normal pen tool, using an opacity of 8% to 14%, not more. I used the colours from the original picture and in the end edited the original photo into my drawing with an opacity of round about 20% for some of the details like the glasses to look more precise.
So this is the finished thing:

step #4


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