Yeah, google just told me (it’s π-day, even though I have no idea why the number pi needs a day for itself but alright)

For today, some serious bag-lovin, the classics this time – LV Speedy 25.

Yesterday, my man and I spent the afternoon with his older sister and brother, eating cake and later on at an Italian restaurant. It was there that I took today’s pictures, too (Not at the restaurant, apparently but at his sister’s flat). After that, we were heading back from Potsdam to Berlin to see a concert of a Japanese band called “Detroit 7” who were damn loud but also damn good. Had a great time.
No plans for today, tomorrow will be my first day at the elementary school – I’m excited and anxious to meet all the teachers and the class I’ll be teaching on friday.

[Louis Vuitton bag, H&M velvet dress and leggins, shoes by Vagabond]