Be Mindful

Advertisement Mindfulness is something you hear about a lot these days. It means living in the moment and noticing things while they happen or while you do them. It helps getting to know yourself better and to accept the way you are. Mindfulness is about all aspects in life and a holistic concept that can […]

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A heavenly vegan banana bread

Everyone’s talking ’bout banana bread – and they’re rightly doing so! These days, I’m discovering new recipes and posts tagged #bananabread on Instagram every day and for a good reason: banana bread not only tastes incredibly good, it is also really quite healthy. Especially, if you are baking it the way I do. This recipe […]

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Visiting Maussane

After our first day in Les Baux-de-Provence, which we had spent nicely at the pool of our hotel Baumanière during the afternoon, we decided to leave at around 5 pm and discover a bit more of the surrounding region instead of going back to the hotel room before dinner. So we took the car and […]

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