Looking back at my outfits 2016


The looks of 2016 and looking back at the things we’ve done! My sweeties, today is the final day of the year 2016 and I simply can’t believe it – another year has passed, even though it feels like it has only just started. The time was running this year, perhaps that’s a good sign? […]

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NYE Look: Highlight Game Strong with YSL Beauty


Classic, chic and with a glow into the new year – with this make-up look. My sweeties, now that Christmas is over, it’s already time for the next festivities and I’m busy planning my outfit, make-up and drinks choices for the New Year’s Eve. Also, which games should we be playing? Ahh, so many things […]

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Merry Christmas and my x-mas day look


I wanna wish you all some very happy Christmas days! My sweeties, today is Christmas Eve, and I still can’t believe that this year is almost done. So fast, wow. 2016, you little piglet, you did quite some noise, not always for the better… but hey, I’ll write a whole flashback post on 2016 for […]

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Change The Way You See The World


Talking about a wild mix of clothes and revolutionary smartphone photography My sweeties, do you remember? About two weeks ago, Max and I went to attend a super cool workshop day in Berlin with Huawei* and German star photographer Paul Ripke (you can still read all about it in this post!). During this workshop, we […]

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