Sunsets in La La Land

And all about spontaneous decisions that turn out to be the best thing… Round about two years ago, we had everything already planned out, flights already paid, hotel chosen and also the route where we wanted to go, what we wanted to see. Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Palm Springs, San Diego and perhaps even San Francisco… […]

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“Do you guys ever fight” – Part I

Couple stories part 1 – from Ricarda’s perspective A question that we get asked very regularly is indeed how we manage to be so happy and harmonic every day. We also get asked very often if we ever fight and of course, I understand where these questions come from. On Instagram and on this blog, […]

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This is our summer

Advertisement We are celebrating the best season of the year with Freixenet. Summer – it’s simply the best time of the year! It’s warm, sunny, we can stay outside all the time… and we are enjoying all that on every sunny day. And the most special moments, we are celebrating with Freixenet* as a sparkling […]

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All White

Adam and Eve at Dusseldorf Floragarten as a backdrop for my fave summer look. Every time I’m walking through Floragarten, a park near our home in Dusseldorf, I’m meeting the two: a couple, holding each other in their arms tightly, looking wonderful and dreamy. They’re Adam and Eve and have just been sent away from […]

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