All White

Adam and Eve at Dusseldorf Floragarten as a backdrop for my fave summer look. Every time I’m walking through Floragarten, a park near our home in Dusseldorf, I’m meeting the two: a couple, holding each other in their arms tightly, looking wonderful and dreamy. They’re Adam and Eve and have just been sent away from […]

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Outfit: A truly annoying story

Sometimes, you have to deal with things you didn’t expect at all… So, the other week, I finally decided to “keep calm… and buy the shoes” that I had been watching for weeks. I had them in my shopping basket for so long and couldn’t get round to decide whether it would be okay for […]

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Advertisement “Tonight, I’m a rock’n’roll star…” at the latest POP IMPRESSION installment. Music plays an important part in our lives and we talked about it many times on this blog – even though this is of course a fashion blog! But when you come to think about it, music and fashion are in fact very […]

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Beauty at the Beach – Skincare Favourites

My summer sunshine skincare favourites Because I won’t go down to the beach without these! After all, and as you all know, there is basically nothing more important than protecting your skin from the sun and also to give it enough hydration afterwards. That is why today and in this post, I have collected my […]

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