Sea Folly – Minimalist Swimwear for summer 2017


Colour explosion? No! This is my beach time-out in black and white! My sweeties, year and year again, the spring and summer catalogues offer us the most colourful options for our beach getaway. Flower- and leaf-prints, stripes, dots and all kinds of crazy patterns in the colours of the rainbow are never out of style. […]

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Amsterdam with Radisson Blu


The perfect hotel for a short trip to the Netherlands… My sweeties, today, I want to suggest a really lovely hotel to you all, since Max and I spent last weekend in Holland. Saturday, we started off in Bloemendaal where we spent a lovely day by the sea, and in the evening, we finally took […]

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Lost in Paradise & The One-Shoulder Top


How one trending piece follows the other and my opinion on that… My sweeties, it’s true, I’ve actually discovered some last outfit pics from our holiday on the Canaries this February and look at these pictures, aren’t they lovely?! I’m really happy to be showing them to you today! In this look from the island, […]

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How to get beautiful skin like the French girls


“A line of four intelligent products that strengthen the daily self-defense mechanism of our skin against environmental influences.” Mathilde Thomas My sweeties, let’s talk about anti-aging today. “Whaaaat?” some of you might be screaming now, “but why, I’m only turning [insert a number between 25 and 35] this year!” Well, but it’s exactly in this […]

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Bamboo Beauty


An everyday-look around the gorgeous Gucci Nymphaea bag. My sweeties, you’ll probably still know her from this outfit post – the stunning Gucci Nymphaea bag. A minimalist bag with super lovely details, that combines delicate business-chic with simple elegance. Today, I’m wearing this dream bag with a simple, yet very lovely casual-look which is actually […]

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