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Mother’s wardrobe

Yes, it definitely pays out if you take a peek into your mom’s closet every once in a while… I tend to always, but believe

The sequin pants

You can call it addiction, a sickness, bad taste and whatever else… but when I saw these to £15 reduced sequin skinnie jeans on Topshop,

Rule Britannia!

‚Twas a splendid find my sister’s friend once did on a British military base somewhere in Lower Saxony. Or rather, he stole it! The Union


Well, I’m noticing lots of cute alicebands, clips and other hair accessoires in the fashion bloggin world for a long time now and I decided

Colour (mis)matching

How can anyone wear green socks?!?! That’s what my sister was telling me when she saw me wearing my forest-inspired footwear in my peeptoe-booties today.

It’s all Greek to me

Alright, let’s open another chapter in the book called Do It Yourself. I found this awesome non-shiny blueish-white silk in a drawer where my mom