Legs in bloom Pt.2

This is part two of the floral print tights, part three will follow soon cos I got me another pair of flower print leggins from Topshop lately! It’s just wonderful, I’m so in love with anything colourful and blooming on my legs. Especially when it’s -2 degrees and snowing outside. It really happens to lighten […]

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Eccola! Selfmade in satin

Ok, I’m just throwing this in quickly before going back to my studies!! I guess no need to post the picture of the inspirational piece from MakiMaki again? Ok! What I used: 80 cm of coral coloured satin/cotton mix, 20 cm of black satin/cotton mix, 2 m of satin ribbon + thread and my sewing […]

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Lift your skinny fists like antennaes to heaven

As you might’ve noticed – I like hats. Brown, black, khaki, blue, top hats, bowler hats, gentlemen hats… it’s all perfect as long as my freezing head is being protected!I also like boots… for a long time I wanted to spice up my Zara ankle platform boots with something studded, until I found a couple […]

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Tomorrow I’ll get fabric!!!

Wiii, hihi, the bunny is happy cos mom just told me she’ll finance my wish to buy a dark navy and a coral coloured jersey fabric tomorrow as well as some satin ribbon to sew me a dress inspired by a teeshirt kinda dress thing I discovered on makimaki vintage lately :) At least one […]

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Beggar’s Opera

The tattooing today went awesome, I love the result of it and so did my patient patient! We sat for four full hours to see it finished but I had so much fun again! It turned out to be black and white in the end by the way :) Just took some low fi inside […]

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Fail is not in the question

No fashion-related post today, although in some way tattoos are quite a fashion statement as well – and have always been! Or is it more a statement of social belonging? Anyway, I must say only fashion blogging and buying shoes isn’t interesting enough for me! So I’ll show you what I’ll be busy doing tomorrow […]

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