5 days left until holidays

Yeah man, that’s right! Only five days to finish a darn dictionary term paper essay and a creative writing essay, take them both to uni, do the packaging and take some pics as well… busy week, haha!Damn, it’s cold outside! But this vintage dress is made of wool, cost me about €5 and looks so […]

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Luxury and anarchy

Yep, that’s one of the things I did last night when I wasn’t feeling like writing my term paper… shame on me! But this old white teeshirt just begged for being changed to something a bit better!Ok so I got a bit crazy, cut off the shirt’s sleeves, cut away the neckline and at least […]

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If By Yes*

Okay I *was* feeling a bit better this morning, despite all the coughing and shit, BUT when I came home after we took a nice lil walk in the rain through the park, I got this horrible cramp in me right leg and since then I’m not able to walk anymore :/ Horrible, I don’t […]

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Well it’s obvious that sorbet colours are pretty big for SS 09 – but also because I’m really keen on finding one or two perfect pieces in peach or plum for the summer, I sat down today, trying to avoid the fact that I got some homework for uni to do soon, and made some […]

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What am I to do

Today I got really depressed because I still couldn’t go outside because of my sickness, didn’t even make it to see my doctor! But that was because of other issues, anyway… to kinda cheer me up again, I gave myself a little tattoo extension on my right lower leg. For quite some time already I […]

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