Music’s my imaginary friend

Today I’m gonna bore you with an look inside my current iPod playlists. This came to my mind when I realised I had my iPod with me when we took a walk in the morning, for iced coffee and photos. So there you go, maybe some stuff you can relate to, or might want to […]

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Presents from Brazil

Today the postman brought me a surprising present sent all the way from Brazil to rainy Germany. It contained the latest issue of Catarina magazine – first issue that was being distributed internationally – in which I was featured next to a handful of other awesome fashionistas we all know from LOOKBOOK.nuThank you so much […]

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I DO believe the Collective Unconscious exists

I am the rainHeld in disdainLotions and potions just add to my fameThe rime that in SpainFall on the plainThe truth is I’m ruthless I can’t be contained…Up in the sky we’ve demand to supplyI am necessity, base of the recipyI’m the rain…(by Peter – genious – Doherty) Can you believe I’ve already finished my […]

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Knit me, kitty

Today, uni starts again – ugh! But I spend the early morning hours just as the last few days – knitting! It’s really quite addictive… and knitting in this super-loose way, you see results so much sooner than with ‘normal’ knitting, so it’s great for people like me: with NO patience whatsoever! Haha, I wish […]

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