Bangers N Mash

I spent my sunday re-working a second-hand blazer I found on ebay for €1! It was a size 40/UK 14 so I had to make it a loooot smaller, cut off at least 6 cm on both sides (had to basically open the whole blazer, remove the sleeves and sew them back on and all) […]

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Almost a holiday-day

Ce soir, disons chez moiEnfin je compte de toiJe te drague la rose mystiqueTu l’arroses mystique?Ha, mon Dieu!C’est mon monde de soleil… [“Our Lady of the Flowers” by Jean Genet, recited by Peter Doherty in “The last of the English roses”] Yeah, alright, I love putting a pretty black and white picture (my sister was […]

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From a drawing to an e-painting

I’m indeed not drawing a lot these days, maybe due to uni and the stress and lack of time that comes with it, or maybe it’s just be lack of inspiration. Abour a year ago I started doing mainly very stylised ink-drawings, a year before that, I was strangely attracted to surrealist paintings and thus […]

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