Stars and the sun

I actually meant to spend my evening getting some work for uni done, but then I figured that it could wait until later tonight so I am officially allowed to waste my time round here for a little longer. Could you, my honourable readers, do me a favour and vote for me if you think […]

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Christmas presents! + Answers

I really hope you had/are having a very sweet and lovely Christmas! For my part, I didn’t ask for any presents this year, but still, this is what I got. I can’t tell you how positively surprised I was, I mean, hey, Edgar Allen Poe? My mom is a genious, she always gives me the […]

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We’ve got a baby!

Well, admittedly, my sister has. Her friend gave her this Shaun cuddly thingie for Christmas, so we took him out for a walk today. This sheep can say “meeehhh meehh” if you squeeze his nose and when you pull his tail, it starts to shiver :D What a lovely toy!! Hope you enjoy the pics. […]

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