Playground Love

[Air – Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides)] I figured I should stop writing anything accompanying my pictures in the future. No, not quite, but isn’t it strange that mostly, once I apologize for not posting outfit pictures, the next day I already have said outfit pictures ready to post. And not because I’m trying hard […]

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Good evening world! A completely black outfit today and I like it – it kept me real warm in the sun (let’s wear black now before we start to melt in it once it gets hot outside!)I’m so glad all the snow is gone, finally taking walks is fun again. On thursday, I’ll have my […]

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Now, since spring is coming (hopefully), we’re facing a serious problem here: chippings on the pavements. Today I couldn’t stand it anymore, armed myself with a huge broom and started cleaning the street in front of my house while my sister was taking pictures of me. Man, you wouldn’t believe how exhausting that was (not […]

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Thoughts growing out of her head

It’s been a while (again). In the meantime I went to Berlin, including a full cultural and culinary programm. I can’t even remember everything right now, or I’d have to really think about it, but for example I went to see two Berlinale films, “Bróder” and “Zona Sur”, both South American productions, both in their […]

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(Still) Snow White

Today I had enough, I didn’t want to feel cold anymore, so I put on three different dresses, a jumper and finally, my old vintage fur coat. Tell you what, it didn’t work. But I won’t moan about the weather anymore, there’s no use, it just keeps on snowing and snowing and snowing. Heard about […]

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To everything there is a season – [The Byrds]

The ground is so slippery at the moment that I’d like to basically just call it an endless slope of ice. Terrible, I want spring. Now. Thank you. I bought this coat in the sales and it almost felt weird taking pictures of it, after nameless other bloggers already posted their outfits in this (obviously […]

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