I don’t like warm food in summer.

It’s true. At least most of the time, especially when it’s really warm outside I just can’t stand anything but a fresh salad with avocado, lime, thin slices of chicken and some good vinegar. At the moment it’s pretty much alright, though, the weather. Just got a letter from the local customs, some package arrived […]

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Those dancing days…

Here’s what I thought. I really like simple black wellies, yeah, but I also like them to be a bit more… fun, okay. Why not pimp them up a bit – like someone, I even forgot who or what, suggested in a competition I read about on Facebook, too. Of course I couldn’t join in […]

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100th post!!!

Yeahhh, let’s throw some confetti or something! My sister and I booked a flight to London for the 16th of june for a THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTHED TIGER + IF BY YES + AMOR DE DIAS concert on the 17th! [Link to the Facebook event page here] Anyone who’s in London, go and […]

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-You think passing an exam will make me happy?-Cassie, passing exams generally makes things only more complicated. But there’s lots of other stuff that makes life bearable, and you don’t even have to use a knife.-Like?-Disco!Current obsession of mine? Skins!!! (Thanks Pascal :P) Don’t feel like watching season 3, though. I want the old cast […]

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Bleuberry fruit sirup.

Yeh yeh, finally some outfit pics again – I know it’s been a while but there was just too much around me happening to actually come down to takin pictures and all.Anyway, yesterday’s shopping results: a pretty Zara light blue cotton dress, a lovely leather Zara bag and new black leggins (have been in desperate […]

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