Feels like I’ve been here before

Just to present you a little thing today: My new favourite sweater! I’ve sewn it on Friday night using just two things: the leftover fabric from the grey cardi I made for Pascal a while ago (Oi, Pascal, what’s up with you anyway?) and a bit of silver/grey fabric which was a leftover from a […]

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[NOW FOR SALE] I Am The Resurrection

Down down, you bring me down… indeed, I have my 80s Madchester phase again, listening to Happy Mondays and Stone Roses day and night – wonderful! Some selfmade stuff that I wore today… knitted this shorty short crop tee some weeks ago, it’s really cool and perfect when worn over a plain black top. Together […]

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Old one

Selfmade lace-shirt. Actually you could only guess this is not a too recent picture, as I haven’t got my girl+cherry blossoms+water melons tattoo, yet ;)Anyway, it’s a great shot my sister made that summer day way back! I’m super busy writing my last term paper and my BA at the moment, so please excuse my […]

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I don’t like warm food in summer.

It’s true. At least most of the time, especially when it’s really warm outside I just can’t stand anything but a fresh salad with avocado, lime, thin slices of chicken and some good vinegar. At the moment it’s pretty much alright, though, the weather. Just got a letter from the local customs, some package arrived […]

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