Now, since spring is coming (hopefully), we’re facing a serious problem here: chippings on the pavements. Today I couldn’t stand it anymore, armed myself with a huge broom and started cleaning the street in front of my house while my sister was taking pictures of me. Man, you wouldn’t believe how exhausting that was (not […]

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Thoughts growing out of her head

It’s been a while (again). In the meantime I went to Berlin, including a full cultural and culinary programm. I can’t even remember everything right now, or I’d have to really think about it, but for example I went to see two Berlinale films, “Bróder” and “Zona Sur”, both South American productions, both in their […]

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(Still) Snow White

Today I had enough, I didn’t want to feel cold anymore, so I put on three different dresses, a jumper and finally, my old vintage fur coat. Tell you what, it didn’t work. But I won’t moan about the weather anymore, there’s no use, it just keeps on snowing and snowing and snowing. Heard about […]

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To everything there is a season – [The Byrds]

The ground is so slippery at the moment that I’d like to basically just call it an endless slope of ice. Terrible, I want spring. Now. Thank you. I bought this coat in the sales and it almost felt weird taking pictures of it, after nameless other bloggers already posted their outfits in this (obviously […]

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Les fleurs du mal.

A while ago, I got inspired by this whole silver heel/wedge thing, so I thought why not just take one of my favourite pair of heels and create a silver platform and heel myself? I just bought some silver tape, cut it to the right width and stuck it to the heel. It’s really lovely […]

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I’ve received an email telling my I’ve been tagged by [those guys here] so I thought okay, why not, but honestly, I’m no good at answering such questions. Favorite Band/Artist: Oasis, no matter what happens, I’ll always love Noel and Our Kid!Favorite Video: I don’t think this is pretentious at all: Joy Division – Atmosphere […]

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